Haardter Woi- und Quetschekuche-Kerwe

Saturday, August 31 - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Haardter Woi and Quetschekuchekerwe on the first weekend in September is well known for its big "Quetschekuche" and the funny "Quetschekern-Zielspucken"! The participants have to spit plum cores into a given target. If you hit, you win a voucher for a glass of wine. Renowned wineries such as Müller-Catoir or Weegmüller not only offer excellent wines but also suitable "wine companions". At the Mandelring Festmeile there are music and Palatine specialties.

Pubs with wines by Müller-Catoir:
-Sabine Stetter, Mandelring 32 (former coach house of Müller-Catoir, vis á vis the winery) | Seasonal delicacies will be served by VOLPE Foodcube(Hessen)
-Karl Hoffmann, Mandelring 60 (next to the Haardter Kirche)
Weingut Müller-Catoir
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European Union: 18 €
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