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Nestled on the edge of the Palatinate forest and seen from afar, the Haardt Castle overlooks Haardt, one of the nine wine villages of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

At its foot lies the Manor House, right in the centre of Haardt. Built in the 18 century, the manor was expanded in the neo-classical style around 1890. We warmly invite you to visit us here and become acquainted with the Müller-Catoir wines in the elegant historical atmosphere of our wine-tasting rooms.


We invest a lot of time in our wines: think of the numerous tasks associated with the rhythm of the seasons that are carefully done in the vineyards by hand, followed by the selective harvesting by hand, the slow fermentation and careful maturing in the cellar and, finally, waiting as long as possible for the filling process.

That's how the wines, made 100% from the harvest of our own vineyards, are created in the Müller-Catoir style: highly refined, with notes of minerality, elegant – and uncompromisingly unique.


The Müller-Catoir winery has been a family-owned business since 1744. Now in the ninth generation, this longstanding tradition is a continual commitment and challenge for us. It entails carefully steering the development of the business and being open to new methods without infringing on the old established ways.

Our commitment to being as careful as possible with the natural conditions of our area goes without saying.


The name Müller-Catoir combines the typical Palatinate straightforwardness with a spirit of pioneering and non-conformity. This combination has been the driving force behind the winery for decades, and is being practiced today in the form of a collaboration between the current owner, Philipp David Catoir, and the Operations Manager and Winemaker Martin Franzen.

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