Terms of Delivery & Payment

Our prices are listed in Euros, including German VAT, excluding shipment from the winery. Payable upon receipt without deduction of cash discounts. All wines are available for pick-up in cases of 6 bottles, pre-packaged for shipping.


For orders of 60 bottles or more, free delivery within Germany (other EU countries: 0.72 EUR per bottle). For smaller orders, 6.60 EUR for each shipping unit (1-12 bottles resp. 1 wooden box) within Germany (other EU countries: 18.40 EUR). Packing information: Regular bottles and large format bottles cannot be shipped together in one box (shipping unit Magnum / Double Magnum: 1-3 bottles). Delivery announcements (telephone notification) are only possible for forwarding deliveries (orders of 60 bottles or more). If we have your email address, you will always receive a dispatch notification with a link for shipment tracking or the contact details of the responsible forwarding agent.


For orders of 60 bottles or more picked up at the winery, we take 5% off the price of the wine in place of free shipping.


New customers/export
New customers and export shipments must be prepaid, or use direct debit.


Returned bottles
Returned bottles are transferred for cleaning and the cardboard boxes are used again. We reimburse 0.30 EUR per box for original packaging returned to the winery.



Our wines have the best possible characteristics for optimal storage due to their natural acid structure and the exceptional cork material. We will accept the return of any of our wines in an unopened state within one year without explanation and refund the invoiced amount. However, opened bottles can never be returned, due to the difficulties involved with the definite verification of their contents. Place of business for sales and returns is Haardt an der Weinstrasse.



All our wines (except those marked with *) are produced from organically grown grapes from our own harvest (Bio control authority: DE-ÖKO-022). All wines are German products and contain sulfites.


Winery hours
Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 5:00 PM.
Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Weingut Müller-Catoir
Shipping costs
Per 1-12 bottles
Germany: 6.60 €
European Union: 18.40 €
Starting at 60 bottles
Germany: no charge
European Union : 0.72 € per bottle
Free shipping
Starting at 60 bottles free shipping in Germany
The delivery will be delayed until this date.
Information: Older vintages may be available right now.
One product is not available now.
Therefore the whole order will be delayed until this date.