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2017 Bürgergarten Muskateller | VDP.Erste Lage trocken

Score: 91/100 | "The Müller-Catoir ‘Bürgergarten’ Muskateller is an Erste Lage (1er Cru) wine made from 100% Yellow Muscat. The wine has high acidity and a modest alcohol level of 12.5% abv. It’s not overly pungent like a typical Muscat but there are notes of mineral water, yellow flower, and kiwi fruits. The wine has a lot of salinity and is the most serious dry Muscat I’ve tasted. There are floral notes but the mineral and fruit flavors overpower them." 


2018 Bürgergarten Riesling Spätlese  | VDP.Erste Lage feinfruchtig

Score: 92/100 | "The Müller-Catoir ‘Bürgergarten’ Riesling Spätlese is an impressive sweet wine with notes of apple, honey blossom, apricot, and lemon. This has plenty of mineral kick and vibrant acidity. The wine really sings on the palate. Despite the 61.2 g/L of RS, the wine feels very light thanks to the lemony acidity." 


2017 Herzog Rieslaner Auslese | VDP.Erste Lage edelsüß

Score: 94/100 | "The Müller-Catoir ‘Herzog’ Rieslaner Auslese is a sweet wine coming in at 164.1 g/L of RS and 8.1 g/L of acidity. The Rieslaner grape is a cross between Riesling and Sylvaner. This wine has notes of lemon, honey, apricot, mineral water, and butterscotch. It’s rich and creamy on the palate yet weightless at the same time thanks to the acidity. Impeccably balanced for a sweet wine, this is a helluva effort." 


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